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 [Megathread] Private server collection

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Dark DeathFreak Moderator
Dark DeathFreak Moderator

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PostSubject: [Megathread] Private server collection   Fri Jul 05, 2013 5:43 pm

I have no idea whats missing and stuff, just tell me and i will try updating.

[AdventureQuestWorlds CMS Collection:]
Azzimis' Core 3 CMS Revised
mediafire.com ?ldy8dmlzeizih6r

Azzimis' Core 3 CMS SQL Files
mediafire.com ?h6ik8g4gaylc58n
mediafire.com ?9dixc8d728djws8
mediafire.com ?jq5k8gu207h3mda
mediafire.com ?4hn1zk73l1wct99
mediafire.com ?gzica96le7eyzd7

Project 6 CMS Revised
mediafire.com ?xcypkqo60byl5c2

PSZ CMS Revised
mediafire.com ?4fa30qh7r7ubiyy

PeATL CMS Revised
mediafire.com ?ra972oq4x60buvq

PeATL CMS Revised SQL Files
mediafire.com ?2f21ucncpctyi1h
mediafire.com ?91tz05l4dj177y7
mediafire.com ?2i7i94zedu7unnl
mediafire.com ?6vbp3g6i6b1udby

Revised Fixed Files/Repacks AQW:

UberWorlds Files Revised(Lost The Database):
mediafire.com ?47iz23e5c6f1i91

GodQuestWorlds Files Revised (PeATL)
mediafire.com ?xsyilw08c3730m1

GodQuestWorlds Database
mediafire.com ?2o5wz6cxc1s93s6

Aqua's Project Tube Files Revised
mediafire.com ?ks98r6fodd59xen

SoulRemixLands Revised (PeATL)
rapidshare.com SRL.rar

Project Dark Shadow Revised
mediafire.com ?hhbj36b623jazj9

MTWorlds Files Revised
mediafire.com ?hhbj36b623jazj9

Project Solaris Files Revised
mediafire.com ?96t8s2fuo5c63oe

PokeQuest Worlds Files NOT Revised
mediafire.com ?x101khp11rpbk3

WinQuestWorlds Version 0.77 Files NOT Revised
mediafire.com ?gm95m99ejbuz96h

[HeroSmash Developement Files Revised:]
Hero Smash PeATL Files:

Elite Emulator Source Code+Dist File:
2shared.com/file/0yG9UIxR/el ... _Code.html

HeroSmash CMS:

TonyNMP's AQ Files Revisedhttp://www.mediafire.com/?qm7jiva1n591u4k

AquaQuest Files (AQ)http://www.mediafire.com/?swmzonm98zksivh

AquaQuest Databasehttp://www.mediafire.com/?7amuycjrzi5yrgi

MentalBlank's DragonFable Files
http://df-private-server-mentalblank.go ... svn/trunk/

Pepperquest Files and Source
mediafire.com ?6ih1j7ppt7v2w70

[Zard Wars:]
ZardWin Files Revised by ShadyVox Created by XVII
mediafire.com ?blsvn0d6z044hoe

[AdventureQuestWorlds Emulators Revised:]
X.G. Emulator/Alex's ShadowLands Emulator+Source Revision 1
mediafire.com ?24r1nhra5xdxaxu

ShadowLands Smart Fox Server/Emulator
mediafire.com ?2070evowm37v316

Elite Emulator Fixed and Premade
mediafire.com ?zdca458xc4bwrba

Elite Emulator+Source (More Complicated Not Fixed)
mediafire.com ?xeh37w3hm1vb72n

WQW_Tables Old Hidden Project Emulator Revised
mediafire.com ?hruyl1oku4dczia

Old Troll Lands Emulator & Database Not Revised
mediafire.com ?22e3id77avaocq7

MTWorlds Emulator Version 1.0 Revision 1
mediafire.com ?7r486vn4jxnuvfu

AQWorlds Nemesis Emulator (C#)
mediafire.com ?eba7m257eo4yg83

Azzimi's AQW Noob Edition Revised And Updated C#
http://dicks/wp-content/uploads/2012/03 ... ta-3.0.rar

Azzimi's HardCore Emulator Old But Revised C#
2shared.com/file/xJ_QSQXQ/Ha ... lator.html?

Project Dark Liquid Emulator+Source Revised
mediafire.com ?cd3zga14t6cn7z9

[Helpful Materials For Servers:]
Custom SWFS From Various Artists:
mediafire.com ?7f28s02mgc6n52s

Clients And Loaders (Made by Aqua Lots of them with backgrounds):
mediafire.com ?cj22r7wj3qizj1f

Trainers (Dark Mystic, Epicsauce, HellQuest V0.9):
mediafire.com ?u0flajgqb53uf1r

Adventure Quest Monster Grabber V2.2
mediafire.com ?1c73p5ej5zebq7z

GodQuestWorlds Logo/Header
mediafire.com ?zo63h37ujq3rwb4

AQW SWF Map Thread ~Bugattiboy
soon to be added

MentalBlank's SQL Makers
soon to be added

Fixed Cf-userlogin.php (for eatl with sLang)
mediafire.com ?dagv9cl3bda2b1d

EliteQuestWorlds Clients
mediafire.com ?o4864d619e42dw3

X.G. Emulator/ShadowLands Emulator Password

X.G. Emulator Tutorial
soon to be added

Tutorial On How To Make A Server (Corey)
soon to be added

NetBeans IDE

Java SE Development Kit/JDK
http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/ ... 01626.html

Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express Edition
http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/e ... rp-express

-Mato(Kuroi Mato)
-The PeATL Team
-Alex Of Shadowlands
-ProjectDarkShadow Team
-PDL Team
-PQW Team
-MTWorlds Team/HellFireAE
-Trauma aG
-Lulz Of UberWorlds
-Hidden Project Team
-Chromewolf(Some Materials From His Thread)
-And Last But Not Least Artix Entertainment For Making all of this possible

If I have missed any people in the credits, or if you have anything(files,etc.) to contribute to this thread please do say so in the comments but do not flame as I have worked for a while on this thread.
NOTE: A big portion of these files will only work for hosters like Xampp, and Wampp, which have nothing as their mysql password. For Uniform Server you need to reconfigure it yourself.
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[Megathread] Private server collection
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