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 Cheats and Hints in DragonFable

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Dark Deathfreak Supreme Co-Admin
Dark Deathfreak Supreme Co-Admin

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PostSubject: Cheats and Hints in DragonFable   Wed May 15, 2013 7:39 pm

These are the Cheats and Hints in DragonFable

Advanced CorDemi Codex Dragon Fable

To get the Advanced CorDemi Codex without wasting your dragon coins (if you have any) go to Robina in the Surewould Forest East of Falconreach and get the bounty hunting list off of her. Next, go east again until you get to a crossroads and go north. Then kill all of the Outlaws until you get to a tent. There will be three people in it. Kill them all and the quest will be complete. Sometimes you get the Advanced CorDemi Codex as a rare prize, but if not, keep trying!

P.S. When you click on the CorDemi Codex, It transforms into another type of weapon such as a sword or a staff. It's really cool!

Best Friends

Some hints say to get friends like ash and Artix, or Robinia and Valncia. WELL DONT LISTEN TO THEM!!! Always make your friends Artix and Valncia are the best. They both have a special and i have proof of their strengh.
Proof for Artix: Artix has hit a 94 for me, and a 162 for my friend!!!
Proof for Valincia: she hits 8 to 20 for me with an occasional 32!

Best way to earn doom weapons 17 and up (no cheat)

Ok guys first you go to Amityvale this wil probally go faster if your level 17 and up but if you want to then whatever. OK when your at Amityvale do the quest Asshole clear lake do it a couple of times untill you have a axe called shining duo you got to be lve 17 to use ok if you have a fire weapon use it against the monsters they are weakened by fire ok then when you get to the boss use the axe called shining duo and you can hit about 326 damage trust me I have then when you get the prize keep on selling it the shop buys the weapons for 128-230 and do the same thing for two days and before you know it you'll have 28,000 coins trust me i've done it and now I have the twin blades of doom (the doom weapon dagger) and now I have 23,876 coins and the doom weapon dagger well good luck and rate!

p.s have fun killing monsters/people with new doom weapon bye!
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Cheats and Hints in DragonFable
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