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 Just a useful Things in AQW...

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PostSubject: Just a useful Things in AQW...   Mon May 13, 2013 6:43 pm

These are all the weapon drops I know: (And possibly all of them)
Tyrant Sword, Orc War Blade, and Axe Dagger- Thrax Ironhide
Grumble's Curse- Grumble (New Boss in Sewer)
Skeleton Hand- Any skeleton/undead enemy
Brutal Sword- Skeleton Warrior
Purple Slime Staff- Purple Slime (Cellar)
Ice Orb- Skeleton Ice Mage
Slimey Staff- Slime
Undead Plague Spear (Now drop only), Bone Axe, and Spine Gripper- Big Jack Sprat
Undead Commander Sword- Undead Boss
Box Guardian Sword- Box Guardian
Sprite's Twig- Treant
Morning Star- Boss Zardman
Zardman's Stonehammer- Zardman Grunt
Green Spider Staff- Spider (In the Cellar)
General Porkon's Axe- Do I have to say it?
Fish- Fishman Soldier
Fishman Trident- Fishman Soldier
Double Headed Axe- Skeletal Viking
Iron Hammer- Skeletal Warrior Level 4
Wave Cutter- Shark Bait
Stone Spear- Zardman Hunter
Giant Protector Sword- Grizzle Spit
Orc's Axe- Beta Shop/General Porkon Drop
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Just a useful Things in AQW...
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