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Dark DeathFreak Supreme Admin
Dark DeathFreak Supreme Admin

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PostSubject: Zombies   Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:06 pm


Everyone knows what they look like. Everyone knows that they feed on human flesh and are attracted to the very warmth of your blood. They can smell you; they shamble, yes, and fall apart easily, yes…

… but they do not give up even when they are cut into pieces.

First they came in sporadic bursts, one here, two there; then they began to group together and come in hordes. They came in masses of walking, rotting flesh, destroying everything in their path and eating and Turning those who were still alive.

They hunt and feed in groups. They come in waves. They come to destroy human kind.

They are those who might have been your friends.

They may be those who were once members of your family.

… They are your greatest enemy and the most horrifying force preventing you from ever leaving the mansion. Fight them. Kill them.

Survive against them at all costs… and don't let them touch you or bite you.
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